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We drive sustainability both internally with our manufacturing practices and externally with our products and reuse programs. 

Internal and External Efforts

We are actively engaged in our continuous efforts to sustainability. We aim to minimize the environmental impact of our products throughout our operations, beginning with product development and ending with recycling and recovery of used materials and products. 

In order to achieve sustainable improvements in environmental and occupational safety, our basic principals are:

  • Establish best-in-class sustainability management system for measurement, tracking and continuous improvement in resource consumption and carbon emissions

  • Fulfill the regulatory and other requirements arising from environmental and occupational health and safety rules

  • Reduce energy consumption per unit of production

  • Reduce material give away during product development

  • Minimize production waste

  • Support recycling and recovery

  • Use the safest possible technologies and raw materials with regard to occupational health & safety

  • Determine the occupational health and safety risks that cause accidents and minimize these risks to achieve the target of zero safety incidents

  • Our common commitment to provide future generations with an accident free and safe working environment

All though priced as disposable airbags, all Atlas Dunnage dunnage airbags can be reused several times.  


All Atlas Dunnage dunnage air bags are 100% recyclable. 


Contact us to help you set up a reuse program for your company. 

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