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Atlas Dunnage is a complete Load Securement provider. Along with high quality products, we offer a broad range of customized services to provide you with operational excellence. All at no cost to you.


In person on site or remote – Atlas Dunnage has load securement specialists strategically located throughout North America who can provide training on loading docks at no additional cost. Due to Covid 19, we now offer training via Zoom or Skype for Business allowing our specialists to come into your sites virtually and train teams remotely, while still having the ability to interact in real-time with Q&A.

Videos – We have short training videos available on airbags, inflation tools, and accessories.

Load Audits

In person on site or remote - Atlas Dunnage can conduct a load audit on the docks analyzing current loading methods and determining best practices moving forward at no additional cost.  Due to Covid 19, this service can still take place via Zoom or Skype Business, however there might be some additional information required like load diagrams, dunnage products currently being used, etc.

Load planning – Atlas Dunnage can assist in determining the dunnage products required to secure the load

Load calculations – Atlas Dunnage can calculate the correct airbag for the load application using information such as product height, weight, void space, and mode of transportation.  From this information, we can determine what size and level airbag is required for a specific application.

3D Load Plans

Annotation 2020-07-28 221315.png

Truck / Container / Railcar - Atlas Dunnage has the software to develop custom 3D load plans. There is a document that is required to be filled out before a 3D load plan project can begin.

Free Samples

Airbag samples are provided at no charge by request. Contact us for more information.

Customized Production

Design custom size / shape / level / performance – Atlas Dunnage has the manufacturing capabilities to design, develop, and create customized dunnage solutions.  In addition, 7-color custom screen-printed airbags are also available.

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