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PAM™ Gen 2

The Portable Air Master PAM™ is the ultimate portable inflation tool in the industry. 

Each unit comes with:

  • Two 18V, 6600mAh rechargeable batteries

  • 18" Flex hose that screws onto the unit for inflation and deflation

  • Quick connect attachment tip to fit on dunnage bag valve

  • Shoulder strap

  • Charger


  • Only weighs 7.2lbs

  • Air volume output of 28 CFM

  • Run time on full charge - 4 hours

  • Time to fully charge unit - 25min

  • Inflates bag up to 1.2 PSI

What are benefits of using PAM™ Gen 2? 

  • Reduced costs by lowering electricity and maintenance costs of traditional air compressors.

  • No dragging of heavy and cumbersome air lines into the front of a trailer or container.

  • No extension cords required.

  • Easy to use tool that promotes the use of dunnage air bags and reducing damage claims. 


Hose attaches to the air intake for fast deflation

Attach directly to the front of the unit for use without the hose

Hose screws onto the device securely

Unscrew the tip from the hose 

The hose and positioning of the unit with the shoulder strap allows the user tremendous mobility and reach for installing the dunnage bag

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