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Our Roots Are in Woven Textiles

In 2014, our group launched a company with manufacturing interests in Industrial Packaging and Damage Prevention products. Our manufacturing operation employs over 400 people. We have over 30 years of experience in extrusion, weaving and confection of polypropylene and polyethylene products.


In our 12,000 sqm closed facility we produce over 10 million dunnage bags per year. We manufacture a full range of polywoven dunnage bags and all of them are produced from the highest quality virgin materials. The in-house extrusion of all of our Polyethylene film ensures consistent quality.


Atlas Dunnage is made up of a professional team of seasoned industry professionals who can offer on-site technical support and solutions for all cargo securement challenges in truck, rail or container shipments.  

A Vertically Integrated Production Facility

We are the only airbag manufacturer that is fully vertically integratedWe have full control on the cost and quality of the materials we manufacture versus the competition.

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